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Considerations on Ansible handlers

1) Handlers should go at the bottom of the PLAY
“And in your main playbook file, just include it like so, at the bottom of a play:”

But I have seen that if you declare it even at the beginning, it works anyway.

2) You can call handlers/*.yml whatever you want, it doesn’t have to be necessarily main.yml

3) In notify you can use

[cce_yaml]notify: mysql_restart[/cce]


- mysql_restart[/cce]

both will work

4) If the handler is defined inside the PLAY, you can call it even from an included task

5) A handler will always be called at the end of the play.
If you need to run it when you notify it, you need to add

[cce_yaml]- meta: flush_handlers[/cce]


6) Calling the handler multiple times will result in only one run.

“These ‘notify’ actions are triggered at the end of each block of tasks in a playbook, and will only be triggered once even if notified by multiple different tasks.”

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