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How a 4-pin tactile switch works

Here it is an application example of a type of a 4-pin tactile switch

4-Pin Tactile Switch

Each pin is already in contact with in the pin in front of it. When you press the button, all pins are connected together.

Here the switch disassembled

4-pin tactile switch disassembled

The rounded metal plate, in the bottom of the picture, is placed upon the the three metal parts, that you see in the switch base in the left of the picture.

This plate is a little concave, so when the button is unpressed, it only connects the metal parts on the sides

When you press the button, you are going to press in the center of the rounded metal plate and it will connect all the 3 metal parts.

This way, the circuit is closed and all pins can connect together.

But how it is possibile?

Here a schema I drew


Red and blue lines show how pins and metal parts are connected together internally. So when the rounded metal plate touches all the three metal parts, it closes the circuit.


Enjoy :)

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