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How-to: install mssh on Fedora 16

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Form Debian Unstable packages list

Untar both files

[cce_bash]tar xzf mssh_1.2.orig.tar.gz
gunzip mssh_1.2-1.1.diff.gz[/cce]

Apply the patch

[cce_bash]patch -p0 < mssh_1.2-1.1.diff[/cce]

Enter mssh directory

[cce_bash]cd mssh-1.2/[/cce]

Be sure you have installed the following packages

[cce_bash]su -c "yum install GConf2-devel gtk2-devel vte-devel"[/cce]

Run configure


Run make


Then make install (as root)

[cce_bash]su -c "make install"[/cce]


Enjoy :)

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